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Adopt the Home Star Program through BPI Certification


You can easily adopt home star program through the BPI Certification program. e offer a nationally recognized certification, quality assurance programs and company accreditations in home performance certification.

There are many government and utility sponsored programs which aim at promoting energy efficiency that require a BPI certification. This BPI certification is necessary for the contractors to participate. The BPI certification has been adopted as a necessity by some state weatherization agencies as well, including New York and Indiana. BPI certified professionals generally start with a BPI certification and then they acquire a specialty in Envelope, Heating or/and Multifamily, depending on the type of work the contractor has to perform.

These BPI standards have been formed with Home Star Energy in mind. The important fact to be remembered here is that a house is a system and that everything is connecting in a house. The relationship between all the interconnected systems in a house is the key to the overall performance, durability and efficiency. Moreover, home performance is a key element to ensure health, comfort and safety of its occupants.

The professionals who are BPI certified are trained to target, diagnose and solve these household performance problems quickly. The common problems involve mildew, mold, drafts, high utility bills, ice dams etc. The job opportunities and the fields of applications of this BPI certification are varied, which makes it even more valuable! The home star program is certainly valuable!