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Adopt Home Star Program through Solar Training


Solar Training is actually highly related to Home Star Energy Training. You will be provided with all the technical expertise that you will require to actually implement solar projects successfully and with finesse.

You will be a part of a world famous solar training course that attracts students from across the nation! Thousands of CleanEdison Alumni have rated the solar curriculum offered by us and our solar team to be of a superior quality to those offered by other training providers in the same field.

CleanEdison’s main mission in providing Solar Energy Training is to provide the next wave of renewable energy contractors, engineers, architects, business entrepreneurs etc with the proper training they deserve. Our courses are perfect for licensed contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and General Contractors etc) who want to reposition their business and bring solar power into their communities. It is also ideal for fast growing companies who are looking to quickly train their newly hired staff, including their sales personnel, project managers, designers, engineers etc. Solar training is necessary to develop the perfect home star energy training.

You can browse through our wind and solar training resource links as well as the blog to get more information. You can also call us to get more information about the appropriate resources to fit your goals and situations. Home Star program is gaining popularity recently and now you can easily be a part of it!