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A quote a day can keep the doctor away!


For most people life is a rat race. We don’t know when the day has started and how it has all ended. It seems as if, 24-hours per day seem too little, to complete all our daily tasks. And added to this, all the negative aspects of life like disappointments, despair and distress are bent on disrupting our life. At such times, there is a need for some positive strength, which can help us fight all the depressions that surround our life. It is in such a time that the powerful quotes of many great people will help us motivate ourselves, to fight our war with life better.

There are many online sites where you can be able to read the words of wisdom that all the great people of the past centuries have left us. These strong and meaningful words can help us in recognizing the strength we have in us and help us come out of all negative thoughts.

Man’s biggest enemy, which is right within him, is pessimism. This negative aspect of human nature has the potential to bring down any person, however strong and powerful he is. Quotes are not just a string of words; they have the power to fill us with loads of optimism. As such a quotation a day helps keep mental tensions away!